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In Black Desert, players will be able to by houses or set up tents. Houses and Tents can be decorated with in game items. Each and every building has its own physical space, clearly divided into inside and out, and they are not instances areas. Players are able to look inside and enter each building as they are not merely part of the background. Additionally, all buildings are habitable and can be owned through an auction system.



Houses can be leased in villages and cities throughout the world of Black Desert online. You can hire NPC's to set up shop for you. Houses can also be used as a guild headquarters.

Players without houses can set-up tents in permitted areas. Currently the policy on reselling houses before the auction is undecided.


Tents can be setup by anyone in the world of Black Desert. They can be set up outside the cities in designated areas. Tents can be decorated with in game items.

Housing Auction

Players will be able to lease houses three months at a time. After three months are up, a rebidding process for the houses will be available. In one server, there will be around 1000 to 2000 houses available for players to lease. Tents seem to be permitted outside of towns and cities only.

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