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The information on this page may not be correct because the game is not released.

Black Desert has six playable classes. Some classes can have a male and female counterpart. However each sex can have different abilities and fighting styles. In recent Q&A discussions, Pearl Abyss developers have said that they are working on a new classed call the Assassin.



This class seems to the most balance of the bunch. You can use shields. They use strong fast attacks to take down enemies.


Black Desert Fighter

No known information as of yet.


Black Desert Valkyrie

No known information as of yet.


The Ranger specializes in long range attacks. They use bow and arrows to attack their opponents from a distance. Also the ranger seems to be agile and quick. They can use their range attacks on top of siege elephants, horses, and possibly other mounts.

Male Ranger

Black Desert Male Ranger

No known information as of yet.

Female Ranger

Black Desert Female Ranger

No known information as of yet.


A strong class that deals damage base on area of effect and hand to hand combat. You can play as a male wizard or a female sorceress.

Black Desert Sorceress

The wizard's attack will deal massive AOE (Area Of Effect) damage.

Black Desert Sorceress

The sorceress is said to use dark magic attacks and use hand to hand combat.


Black Desert Predator

The Giant is easily over 10 feet tall. He uses ground smashing attacks to deal heavy damage. He can dual wield. Unlike other classes, this one does not seem to have a female counterpart.

The Giant can also transform into a beast like monster.


Black Desert Tamer

The tamer is a magical class that can summon a monstrous giant black dog and possible tame other creatures. There doesn't seem to be a male counterpart to this class, which mean this class is gender lock.

It is said that both the Tamer and Blader class were brought over from Asia.


Black Desert Blader

The Blader has exotic distinct features reminiscent of east Asian culture. He can duel wield and is agile. This class, like the Tamer and the Giant does not have a female counterpart.

The blader starts out by being a two-handed swordmans. As he levels up, he can use Twin Sword including an intangible magic sword on his left hand. The dual sword skill has a time limit.